Полина Барабанова

Polina Barabanova

Director of Legal Services


Key Achievements

Developed over 100 form and customized contracts for tour and travel businesses, including mass-market, individual, educational, medical travel, cruise business; outdoor, language study and other types of youth camps, action and extreme sports tourism, travel documents filing services, and other related interests.

Participated in over 300 tourism-related court cases. One of the rare specialists possessing extensive experience in representing all types of tourism market agents: tour operators, tour agencies, tourists, related businesses, airlines.

Authored a number of works on legal support of tour and travel businesses in various publications.

Online legal seminars

recommended by tour agents

Contracts for tour companies

recommended by lawyers

“Tourism and travel law is complicated — you would hardly ever find direct answers to your questions in it.”

“Extensive experience in providing legal services for tour business companies in its every aspect allows our company’s experts to ensure a comprehensive, multidirectional approach to any problem.”


Legal services for tour agencies

Subscription service for travel comanies

Available 24/7 for our clients

-prepackaged subscription programs for tour companies

-individually customized subsctiption service programs

Legal consulting

The service can be provided both in person and by phone or videoconference (Skype and other software)

-oral consulting (including document review)

-written legal advice

-on-location consulting

Claims processing

Resolution of claims-related legal matters Решение юридических вопросов по претензионным случаям с учетом судебной перспективы

-drafting written replies to claims

-conducting negotiations with tourists, tour operators, other market participants.

Legal defense in court

Representing tour companies’ interests in courts from the moment of filing the complaint to execution proceedings

-drafting court complaints and other court documents

-legal representation in courts of general jurisdiction and courts of arbitration

-appeals and cassations

-legal support during execution proceedings

details and prices

Contract review

-development of contract processing workflows (tour agency — tourist, tour operator — tourist, tour agency — tour operator)

-development of form and customized contracts for mass-market, educational, medical travel, cruise business; outdoor, language study and other types of youth camps, action and extreme sports tourism, travel documents filing services, and other related interests

State audits

Legal aid during planned and surprise audits by state agencies, administrative infraction investigations, review of state orders

-legal review of actions or inaction of regulating and law enforcement agencies (consumer rights protection, labor inspections, police, state prosecution and others)

-defense of clients’ interests

Business registration

Legal aid in opening a private business, optimizing ownership and administration schemae

-development of charters and otehr documents required to establish a corporation

-business registration

-editing corporate foundational documents and corporate profile registry

-legal assistance during business ownership transfer transastions

Intellectual property protection

All-inclusive trademark registration

-preliminary research of identical and similar trademarks

-preparing and filing trademark registration claims

-codifying trademark management, including exclusive trademark rights alienation and commercial concessions.

-trademark rights litigation


  • Anna Podgornaya (General Director of Pegas LLC)
    Several years ago, during the stage of our company's expansive growth, we have arrived at a crucial decision to engage a separate company, specializing in legal support rather than, hire additional in-house lawyers. The collaboration with BLS CUSTOS GROUP has saved us funds that would have been spent on travel expenses, employee sick leave, and income tax if we were to retain more lawyers on staff. Since 2012, BLS CUSTOS GROUP's lawyers provide all of PEGAS's legal support. podgornaya_sign_web