Over 12 years of legal support practice in aviation business projects.

All our aviation lawyers worked as in-house lawyers in major Russian airlines, as well as in business aviation for many years.

Owing to such experience, we understand inside workflows of aviation enterprises, and the real need for legal support.

Twelve years of combining of such experience with our knowledge as external legal counsels allowed us to create a unique conception as: “External in-house lawyer”.


Outside in-house lawyers – is a team of legal professionals.

Current legal support of aviation enterprises requires full immersion into the workflows.

Only a team of legal professionals may advise, represent the interests in court, guide transactions, corporate operations, manage passenger claims and state authorities claims, register trademarks and immovable property, conduct clerical legal work.

For many years of implementation of “External in-house lawyer conception” we have managed to assemble a team of legal professionals, which is able to legally support any airline.


Full legal support through «one-stop» approach

Today our team consists of more than 30 lawyers, including narrowly focused specialists of aviation profile, intellectual property protection, corporate, labor law and litigation, contractual arrangements and schemes establishment.

· conducting negotiations with foreign counterparties

· legal support of transactions of delivery, aircraft leasing, maintenance of aircrafts, engines and aircraft components

· claim related work with passengers and counterparties

· protection of interests of airlines in labor and other disputes with aviation personnel;

· protection of Client’s interests before aviation authorities, customs authorities, lodging a complaint to courts in relation to courts actions and decisions contestation

· if required, a continuous on-location presence of a legal specialist at a stationary workplace of the aviation enterprise

«Over the past 12 years I have assembled a team of aviation lawyers capable of solving any problem».

Svetlana Starodubova
Executive director — Deputy General Director on Aviation Projects




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